PEEK-A-BOO Tested, MonkeyG Approved


We see London, we see France, do your yoga bottoms cover your underpants?

Yoga poses ranging from expert to novice seem to test the ability of most yoga pants, shorts, skirts etc. to keep you covered and focusing on your practice. This is not just true for the ladies, but the guys too. So we came up with a solution, we peek-a-boo test our apparel!

This means our clothing is put through the process of being reviewed in a variety of poses under studio light, natural light, direct sunlight, and passive light to ensure that no matter where you are in your practice we’ve got you covered…literally. Check out our full line of products on our website! You can find us at or at

MonkeyG Clothing Lines


Our Men’s line was inspired by our owner, Garrick Peters, with emphasis on function, masculinity and durability. Our men’s line is perfect for yoga practice, running, hiking, climbing etc.!

Men’s Line currently includes:

Shorts – Board Short, Vinyasa Short, Retro Short, Long Vinyasa Short 

Pants – Retro Pant, New City Retro Pant, Classic Pant

Tops – V-Neck, Triangle Neck, Tank Top, Chakra Jersey Tank Tops, Chakra Jersey Sport ,Chakra Jersey Eco Tanks


Our Women’s line is a unique, colorful and body loving collection. We hope that every person should feel comfortable and confident in MonkeyG.

Women’s Line currently includes: 

Active Tops – Compass Top, Fusion Top, Sweetheart Top, Asana Top, Vinyasa Top, Embrace Top, Open-Back Embrace Top 

Bottoms – Embrace Pant Leggings, Embrace Capri, Classic Pant, Fusion Skirt 

Tees – Eco Tank Top, Eco V-neck Tee, Chakra Eco Jersey Tank Top, Chakra Jersey Sport Top


We “peek-a-boo” test all of our items for functionality and to ensure they offer privacy and coverage.


Our line for women who prefer a more generous size, perfect for maternity wear, curvy figures and those who want a loose fit. These items fit accordingly….(ex. A small will feel similar to a medium in our regular line.) **This is a wonderful way to help clients of any body type enjoy our athletic wear. Currently we offer the MamaG Top and Capri. More to come in 2014~

Who We Are


MonkeyG is a locally owned fitness clothing company specializing in yoga apparel for men and women. The name MonkeyG was chosen because of the playfulness, agility and community-based nuances of monkey’s. “G” is a term of endearment in the Indian language used at the end of a name.

We care deeply about creating wonderful products, processes, personal interactions and ethical business practices. MonkeyG is truly community driven by taking input, suggestions and creative tips from the yoga and athletic community and integrating them into pieces that we love to wear. Your feedback and ideas are always valued and welcome at

Our products are made by a small team of people in Brazil. We know them and they know us! Each piece of clothing is hand made, we do not use large scale assembly line machinery. Every attempt is made to limit waste and to use products that respect the earth. Our cotton fabrics are all Eco-Cotton made from recycled plastic bottles. They are soft and wash well.

We offer Women’s sizes XS, S, M, L. Men’s S, M, L, XL and are open to making larger / smaller sizes for pre-paid special-orders. MonkeyG is constantly bringing in new colors and fabrics to compliment current fashion trends. We try to keep some basic colors in the lines at all times but specialty colors / prints change all the time.